How to Make Angels From Paper Clips

Things You'll Need

  • One #2 butterfly style paper clip
  • Thin ribbon
  • Pony bead of any color

Paper clip angels are the simplest Christmas ornament you can make. It's the perfect craft to make with young kids who want to make their own Christmas ornament, and the tiny paper clip angels look very sweet hanging on any type of Christmas tree. It only takes a few minutes to make an ornament that will have all your guests wondering how you did it so they can make them, too. Make up a bunch and give them as gifts to your kids' teachers or friends.

Face the bottom part of the triangle shaped portion of the paper clip down, with the wings at the top of the ornament.

Loop the ribbon through the center of the paper clip in between the angel's wings, and thread the pony bead on to both pieces of ribbon. The bead will look like the angel's head.


Tie both end pieces of the ribbon together in a knot so it can be hung on the Christmas tree.



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