How to Make a Wooden Tripod

Things You'll Need

  • 3 studs, 2- by 4- by 96-inches
  • Cordless drill
  • 3-inch screws
  • Nylon cord

You can assemble in a few minutes a simple A-frame tripod using wood studs. This tripod can be used to lift heavy objects by throwing a rope over it. By adding pulleys you will dramatically increase the amount of weight the tripod can lift. This type of frame is often used to to lift objects so that pallets can be placed beneath them. You only need a few basic tools to make this wooden tripod.

Lay two studs on the ground in the shape of an "X." The intersecting point of the "X" should be within 6 inches of the top.

Insert three 3-inch screws through the intersecting point of the "X." You don't need to predrill, just screw them down through both pieces with a cordless drill to secure them together.

Stand the "X" up leaning at a 30-degree angle and place the remaining stud into the crotch of the "X" at a 30-degree angle. Screw through it on either side to secure it to the "X" frame.

Wrap the intersecting points with nylon cord, wrapping all the way around the crotch of the "X" until you have a small ball of cord. The cord acts as security.


  • Hang a pulley from the bottom of the tripod to use it as an A-frame lift. If you are not going to lift with the wooden tripod, you can skip the nylon cord.


  • If your tripod bends, creaks, or makes noise when you are using it for a lift, you may be overloading it. Use caution when lifting.