How to Make a Wedding Veil

Things You'll Need

  • Tulle
  • Scissors
  • Comb
  • Needle and thread

How to Make a Wedding Veil. A wedding veil can be very expensive. For brides on a budget, you can avoid the cost of a store-bought wedding veil by making your own. Making a simple wedding veil is very easy and requires only a few steps. If making your wedding veil seems too overwhelming for you at this stressful time, assign the duty of making the veil to your mother or maid of honor.

Decide what length of veil you want. For a shoulder-length veil, you will need 24 inches of fabric. Waist length will require about 32 inches. For fingertip length, you will need 40 inches. Floor length will vary by your height. You can also have a longer, cathedral-length veil that goes onto the ground.

Purchase tulle--the fabric you will use to make your veil. Go to the fabric store, and you will find a variety of different types of tulle. Match the color as close as possible to your wedding dress. Pick tulle that is slightly soft and not stiff and scratchy. Tulle is very inexpensive and normally can be found for a couple dollars per yard or less. All tulle should be 108 inches wide.

Lay out the tulle on a large table or the floor. Fold it in half and place paperweights or other heavy objects to hold it down flat. Coffee mugs are a good choice if you do not have paperweights. Cut the edge (not the folded edge) of the veil into a curved shape. You can use a pattern to do this or just slightly round the edges.

Unfold the tulle and sew a running stitch along the straight edge. About 3 inches inside of the edge, using a needle and heavy white thread, sew all the way across the veil. After sewing, hold the thread at one end and push the tulle together to gather it.

Attach the tulle to a comb. Purchase a 4-inch bridal comb. If you are getting married in a cool environment, you can use a fabric glue gun to attach the tulle directly to the comb. Do not use glue if your wedding is in a hot or humid part of the country since the glue may melt. Instead of glue, you can attach the tulle to the comb by stitching. Simply stitch the tulle to the comb by bringing the stitches through the material, then between the teeth of the comb. Make sure the tulle is attached completely. Your veil is now finished.


  • Decorate the veil with sequins, crystals or small pearls. These can be attached with fabric glue. If you prefer, you can attach your veil to a headband instead of a comb.