How to Make A Valentine's Box for Boys

By Suzie Faloon

Boys enjoy Valentine's Day parties, especially when they can have their own box themed after a favorite animal or vehicle. Work together on this project for an enjoyable afternoon, and he'll have a Valentine's box that he'll be proud to take to school or a party. An oatmeal box can be turned into a vehicle or elephant. A square or rectangular box can be made into an animal or dinosaur head.

Cover the box with tissue, wrapping or construction paper as if you are wrapping a gift. Cut a slit in the top or one side of the box. It should be 1/2-inch wide by 5 inches long to fit Valentine's Day cards.

Draw shapes on cardboard to turn your box into a race car, dinosaur, puppy or elephant. For the animals you will need to cut out a heart-shaped head, ears, paws and tail. For vehicles, draw wheels or cut out four cardboard circles.

Cut out the cardboard shapes for the animal or vehicle you are constructing. Trace the cardboard shapes onto white, pink, light gray, red or black construction paper.

Cut out the construction paper shapes and glue them to the cardboard. If making an elephant, cut out a series of hearts from large to small. Glue the hearts together to make the trunk.

Glue the animal head to the front or side of the box. Add layers of paper to make facial features or glue wiggle craft eyes in place. Add paws and tail to finish an animal.

Make a dinosaur head by copying a coloring page of a dinosaur head on to white or pastel green construction paper or card stock. Your child can color dinosaur 'skin' on the other three sides and top of the box. Color the head picture with pencils or crayons. Cut it out and glue or double-side-tape the flat head picture to cover the entire front of the box.

Add construction paper rims to the tires when making a vehicle. Cut out window and door shapes from construction paper. A race car can be embellished with stripes and a number the boy chooses.

Decorate the Valentine box with glitter, beads and stickers.


You can make a train by linking two or three boxes together with yarn or twine. Add construction paper embellishments.

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