How to Make a Tie Dyed Skirt

How to Make a Tie Dyed Skirt. Tie-dye is a method used to dye fabric in which parts of the fabric are protected from the dye. Rubber bands placed in certain areas of the fabric will prevent the dye from penetrating, and the untouched fabric will remain white. If you sew, tie-dying is a great way to design your own, unique fabric patterns.

Purchase a plain white skirt made of 100% cotton fabric. Pre-shrink the skirt by laundering it in warm water.

Cover your work area with a large plastic sheet.

Mix the fabric dyes according to the instructions on the package, using a separate container for each color. Use more water to make lighter colors, and less water to make more vibrant colors.

Fold, crease, crumple, or twist the skirt to make any design you want and fasten it tightly with rubber bands. Where you place the rubber bands, no dye will penetrate the fabric and the skirt will remain white.

Place the skirt in the container of dye. To make the skirt more than one color, dip different parts of the skirt in different colors. If you like dark colors, let the skirt soak in the dye longer. For lighter colors, leave it in the dye for a shorter period of time.

Take the skirt out of the dye and let it air dry completely, at least one full day. Do not remove the rubber bands.

Remove the rubber bands and launder the skirt again, with your washing machine on 'gentle' setting. Lay the skirt flat on a towel and allow it to dry.


Experiment with different ways to make designs on your tie-dyed skirt. Basting the fabric with a needle and thread in a simple design such as a heart is a good way to create different shapes


Make Tie Dyed Skirt

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