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How to Make a Thunder Sheet

Simulate the sounds of a thunder storm by creating your own thunder sheet.
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Thunder sheets are used to create sound effects for radio and stage plays. The thunder sheet can be used to great effect to simulate the sounds of a storm. A thunder sheet was traditionally made from sheet metal, but today, plastics make for a safer and lighter alternative. Thunder sheets are becoming obsolete as theaters rely more heavily on computer-generated sound effects. If you are a traditionalist, you can find suitable materials at a specialist plastics store.

Search the Internet or use the phone book to locate a specialist plastics store near you.

Order a sheet of high-impact styrene plastic. The sheet should be 2 feet by 4 feet, and 60 mm thick.

Make the thunder sheet rumble by grasping the short, 2-foot side. Place one hand on either side, close to the edge with the board hanging down in front of you. Do not allow the plastic sheet to touch the ground. Try to warp the board by moving one side forward and then the other, with your hands moving in circular motions.

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