How to Make a Surgeon's Knot for Jewelry

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Things You'll Need

  • Elastic cording or thin jewelry cord
  • Beads
  • Scissors

When you use certain cords in jewelry making, it can be difficult to achieve a secure knot that will not come untied. This is particularly true of stretchy elastic cords and the thinnest cords. Make sure your bracelets and necklaces are secure because having a knot come undone means losing your entire piece of jewelry. Make a surgeon’s knot for jewelry pieces to ensure a secure knot.

String the beads onto the elastic cording or the thin jewelry cord, according to the design you desire. As you string the beads, make sure you leave enough cording so you will be able to tie your surgeon’s knot easily. Leave approximately 3 inches for tying on each end.

Cross the right cord tail over the left cord tail to make a loop. Insert the right cord through the loop once and then a second time. Pull both cord tails to tighten the first half of the surgeon’s knot.

Cross the left cord tail over the right cord tail to make a loop. Insert the left cord tail through the loop once and tighten both cord tails to finish the surgeon’s knot.

Insert the cord tails through two to three beads on each side of the surgeon’s knot to hide the cords. Clip the excess cording off next to the beads.


  • Surgeon’s knots are so secure because of the extra friction on the cording. Because of this extra friction, these knots are difficult to remove or untie. If you must remove a surgeon’s knot, you will likely need to clip the knot instead of untying it.


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