How to Make a Spaceship Out of a Cardboard Box

Making a spaceship out of a cardboard box is a banner memory from any childhood. Parents who want to recreate this memory for their own children just need to find an over-sized cardboard box or collection of cardboard boxes to get started. You’ll need space in the garage, on the lawn or even in the living room. You can make a spaceship out of a cardboard box anytime of the year. Just don’t forget to snap a few pictures of the kids in their spaceship for your photo album.

Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard Box
  • Scissors
  • Adult
  • Cardboard Glue
  • Camera
  • Tape
  • Crayons, Markers Or Paint
  • Imagination

How to Make a Spaceship Out of a Cardboard Box

Obtain a cardboard box. You want a box that is large enough for your child to sit in. You'll also need scissors, markers, either glue or duct tape.

Cut the top flaps off the box so that you have two short cardboard squares and two long cardboard squares.

Fold 2 inches along the long side of both long cardboard squares down then glue or tape those squares to the long sides of the box on the small 2 inch flap, being sure that they are about the same height on opposite sides. Be sure and give them time to dry, as these are your wings and you don't want them to come off while you're flying!

Fold the last two inches of each end of the short cardboard squares down and then fold both the short cardboard squares in half. Be sure to fold them in the same direction, so the folds both point the same way.

Glue or tape the short cardboard squares to the front of the box, either side by side or perpendicular by pulling the two flaps you folded on the square together then fastening them to the box. These are your nosecones/lights.

Decorate to taste and let your imagination fly.


  • Building a cardboard spaceship is the true joy of childhood.


  • Don't attempt to do this without the supervision or support of adults.