How to Make a Room into an Art Studio

Turning a room into an art studio can be a big step in your career as an artist. There are many things to consider--you must decide on lighting, flooring, seating and more. Here are some important things to think about when creating your studio.

Check zoning laws in your area. Some areas will require that you acquire a permit to convert a room into a studio, especially if you plan on selling paintings from your studio.

Decide on ventilation. All good studios need plenty of ventilation to disperse paint fumes or pastel dust. You can either install a ventilation fan in the ceiling, or set up a box fan in an open window, depending on your needs.

Consider your flooring. Ideally, you want flooring that is easy to clean. Carpet is generally a bad choice because it is easily stained by paint and will collect pastel dust more than linoleum or wood.

Consider lighting. Most artist prefer a north facing window for the best daytime light. If your room doesn't have a north facing window, you can compensate by adding lighting that simulates northern light.

If you are planning to have people visit your studio, you will need to decide on some kind of seating plan. Some studios have a simple couch and coffee table arrangement, while others have matching wing chairs. Your seating will depend on your needs and the number of people who will be visiting at one time.

Decide on what kind of storage you will need. You will need to store finished pieces while they dry, so flat storage is important. You will also need to have a storage area for paintings that are dry. This place should protect the pieces from dust, moisture and scratches. Shelving for reference books and art supplies should also be added to the space.

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