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How to Make a Rat Out of Clay

The rat's figure consists of simple geometric shapes.
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Rats are not the most beloved animals, but their simple figure makes them a common theme for clay craft projects. Just like when drawing a rat, you can divide its figure into basic geometric shapes and build each section separately. This technique allows you to simplify the craft, but also pay closer attention to the details of every individual part. Use polymer clay for this task. Even though it requires baking, it can produce sturdier and more detailed results.

Things You'll Need:

  • Acrylics
  • Polymer Clay
  • Carving Knife

Form an egg shape using a ball of clay to create the rat's body. The size of the "egg" is entirely your choice, but if you want to make a detailed rat model, make sure it's larger than a real-life egg.

Create a second egg shape, with a pointed end, for the rat's head. The size of the new egg must equal one-third of the initial egg, at the most. Use a carving knife to create the eyes, nose and mouth of the rat.

Place the two eggs on a flat surface, so that their smaller end looks to the left. Press the bottom-right part of the small egg and the top-left part of the big egg together, to connect the rat's head and body.

Make four triangular paws, each one containing three claws on its base. Use a carving knife to add details on the claws. Also, form two conical shapes, the size of the rat's head, to create the front legs.

Press the conical legs and two paws together. Place the legs on the front side of the body, near the head. Press the two remaining paws near the back end of the body.

Form a long, cylindrical tail with a pointed edge. Press the tail against the big egg's back end. Create two small circular clay parts and place them on top of the rat's head as ears.

Put the rat model in an oven and bake it for three hours. The baking temperature varies between different brands, so consult your clay's package. Allow the clay to cool down and use acrylics to paint your rat model.

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