How to Make a Princess Cape Images

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread

When putting together a Halloween costume for a child who would love to be a princess, don’t forget to include a cape. A cape lends a princess outfit a dramatic flair, and if you make it out of soft, warm fabric, it can be a perfect way to help your princess keep warm in the cool October weather. Make the cape out of a non-fraying material like polar fleece if you want to avoid hemming it.

Measure the distance from your child’s shoulder to her ankle and multiply it by two.

Cut a fabric square that uses the measurement you calculated for the measurement of each of the sides.

Spread the fabric out on a flat work surface.

Fold the fabric square in half from top to bottom, creating a rectangle.

Fold the fabric rectangle in half from left to right, creating a square again.

Round off the lower-right corner of the square using a sharp pair of scissors, cutting through all layers of fabric.

Measure a point 2 inches from the top left corner of the fabric along the top edge and mark it with chalk.

Measure a point 2 inches down from the top left corner of fabric along left edge, and mark it with chalk.

Connect the two chalk marks with a curved chalk line.

Cut along the curved chalk line, cutting through all the layers of fabric as you do so. This is the neckline.

Open up the fabric. You now have a large fabric ring with a circle cut out of the center.

Cut a straight line through the ring. This is the front of the princess cape, where it opens.

Finish the cape by folding the raw edges toward the inside of the cape, creating a 1/4-inch fold both times, and sewing it flat.


  • Secure the cape at the child’s throat with a costume jewelry brooch.

    Use iron-on adhesive hem to secure the hem without sewing.