How to Make a Pokemon Plush

Things You'll Need

  • Felt pieces of different colors
  • Stuffing material
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread

Pokemon -- short for pocket monsters -- are the name-spouting inhabitants of Pokemon games made by Nintendo, weekly cartoons and trading card games. You can make a plush version of one of these little monsters for a fan of the franchise from colorful felt and a bit of polyester stuffing. There are hundreds of Pokemon to choose from -- from the famous yellow Pikachu to bright blue Poliwhirl or more obscure hedgehoglike Swinub -- so be sure to pick your fan's favorite.

Draw the body design on two pieces of felt, then cut them out. One method of doing this is drawing the design on one felt, cutting it out, tracing the outline of the body on the other felt piece, then cutting out the second body design.

Draw eye pieces from your felt and cut them out. The same techniques from Step 1 can be applied when cutting out the second eye piece. Stitch them on the facial area of your Pokemon plush with a blanket stitch..

Draw with a felt tip pen, or sew on the mouth and nose of your Pokemon plush doll. When using the felt tip pen, test it out on unused felt fabric before you draw on the main body to ensure it doesn't bleed. Embroidery thread

Cut out additional felt pieces for different patches of fur. This will depend on the Pokemon you are making. For example, with Pikachu, who has dark stripes surrounding its body, you will need dark felt pieces. Stitch these pieces on the main part of the body.

Cut out two pieces of felt for each of its limbs such as arms, legs, ears and/or tail. Sew each limb piece together, back to back, ensuring there is enough open space to insert the stuffing for each limb. After they have been stuffed, sew them shut.

Sew on the limbs onto the body design, then begin sewing the two body pieces together. Ensure that there is an opening wide enough to insert the final stuffing into your plush doll body.

Sew the last opening on the body shut once you have finished stuffing it. When you are finished, you have made your own Pokemon plush.


  • You can also use buttons or googly eyes instead of cutting out felt eye pieces.

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