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How to Make a Paper Nose Cone

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Kids of many ages enjoy making rockets and paper airplanes with nose cones. Not only do craft airplanes provide several hours of fun for children, they supply a fun basis for learning mathematical concepts as they measure, cut and paste the plane together. One of the most crucial parts of any rocket or airplane is the nose cone. These can be made with Styrofoam and hardware tools, but for younger, less experienced children, making a paper nose cone is a safer route, since they don't require sharp instruments other than safety scissors.

Things You'll Need:

  • Pencil Or Pen
  • Ruler Or Straight Edge
  • School Glue Or Other White Glue
  • Medium Or Large Plate
  • 8.5-Inch By 11-Inch Sheet Of Paper (Larger, If You'Re Making A Sizeable Rocket Or Airplane)
  • Pair Of Scissors

Lay the plate on the center of the sheet of paper and use the pen or pencil to trace the circular edge. You can use construction paper for a small rocket or airplane and poster board for larger models.

Mark the center of the circle by measuring the diameter (or in other words, the length of the circle from side to side at its widest point) and drawing a dot in the middle. For instance, if the diameter of the circle is 10 inches, the center of the circle is 5 inches in from each side of the circle.

Cut a one-quarter section out of the nose cone. It should look like two pieces of pie have been cut out of the circle.

With the three-quarter remainder of the paper, begin rolling one of the straight edges around the circle to form a sugar-cone shape. You can add tiny lines of glue to the inside of the cone as you roll to keep it together. Roll tightly to form a long, thin nose cone, or roll a wide cone for a stout nose cone.

Draw a thin line of glue at the very edge of the last section to ensure the cone does not unravel after it's rolled. You can also add a piece of Scotch tape to the long side of the nose cone to keep the two pieces together.

Let the cone dry for at least half an hour before applying it to your rocket or airplane.

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