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How To Make a Paper Mache Football Helmet

Paper machet is great stuff for making all sorts of fun crafts. It is easy and inexpensive to produce and can be used to make replicas of almost any object. If you are a football fan try making a football helmet from paper machet. Following these simple steps you can make a paper machet football helmet that looks just like the real thing.

Things You'll Need:

  • Water
  • Flour
  • Thick Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Newspaper

Make a Paper Machet Football Helmet

Mix one part flower with two parts water. The paper machet mix needs to be thick but free from lumps. Make plenty of paste--the flower and water like everything else in this activity are cheap and easy to find. Cut or rip up a newspaper into thin strips of different lengths.

Obtain a football helmet or similarly shaped object. A real football helmet would be the best mold, but if one is not available try a balloon or rounded bowl. Only use an object that will not be destroyed by the paper machet mix and the newspaper.

Apply thin, damp strips of newspaper to the football helmet. Cover the helmet completely, leaving the open space for the face guard. Completely cover the helmet once and add a second layer if desired. Allow the paper to dry thoroughly before removing. If you are not using a football helmet for a mold make sure that you leave a rectangular space for the face mask.

Build the face mask with thick wire. Attach the mask to the edges of the helmet by looping the wire through the paper machet. Run two long pieces of wire from one edge of the helmet opening to the other. Connect these wires with cross beams made from smaller piece of wire. Cut the ear hole if it was covered by the paper machet.

Complete the helmet by painting it your favorite team's colors. Apply a team sticker to the helmet or paint the team's logo onto the helmet (always be aware of copyright laws). Make the helmet your own by writing your name on it.


  • Never apply paper machet to a valuable object Always be aware of team copyright laws for colors and logos
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