How to Make a Pair of Angel Wings

Things You'll Need

  • Lightweight wire
  • Duct tape
  • White pantyhose
  • Ribbon

How to Make a Pair of Angel Wings. You can make a pair of angel wings using lightweight wire and pantyhose or tulle fabric. Simply bend the wire into the shape you want and pull a pair of white pantyhose over your makeshift frame. This method is almost instant, and therefore perfect for angel wing emergencies.

Decide how big you want your wings to be. Use twice the length of wire, plus another several inches.

Make a loop with the wire and cross it over itself to create a small figure-8 loop. This provides you with the basic shape of your two wings.

Shape each angel wing out of the wire on either side of the loop.

Close each wing and secure it with duct tape. Make sure any rough or sharp edges are also covered in duct tape.

Pull one leg of a queen-sized pair of pantyhose over one wing and the other leg over the other wing. Tuck any excess back inside the pantyhose so it doesn't show.

Take a length of ribbon long enough to tie around your shoulders and waist and fold it in half. Run through the loop on the wings and pull the two ends through to secure.

Tie the wings on by wearing the ribbon as you would a back pack. Tie the ribbon to secure it.