How to Make a Magnetic Wall

By Contributor ; Updated September 15, 2017

How to Make a Magnetic Wall. Magnetic walls make great surfaces for posters, calendars, reminders and children's craft areas. You get to control how much of your space becomes magnetic--and get the alphabet magnets and reminder lists off your refrigerator and onto a designated space. Follow the steps to learn how to make a magnetic wall.

Buy magnetic paint at a home and garden or craft store or online.

Mask off the area to be painted and drape plastic or drop cloths along the ground and over furniture so dripping doesn't become a problem. Choose to paint an entire room, just one wall or a small area in an office, kitchen or children's room.

Paint two to three coats of the magnetic paint on the desired wall or space, making sure to mix paint thoroughly to avoid particles settling together.

Allow paint to dry between coats and after last coat is finished.

Test magnetic strength by placing a few magnets of varying sizes onto the painted surface. If the strength is not up to what you desire, add another coat of magnetic paint.

Cover magnetic space with regular paint of any color to match other walls in your room. The magnetic nature remains despite the coats of regular paint.

Adhere magnetic sheet strips to posters and photographs to create your own movable collage. Use alphabet and number magnets for a child's room to stimulate learning and clear the fridge door of clutter.


Paint chalkboard paint on top of the magnetic painted wall to make a fun and creative magnetic chalkboard for your kitchen, office or child's room.

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