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How to Make a Lucario Costume

The Lucario Pokemon costume is popular with children and adults alike. Use it as a Halloween costume for adults and children or for a costume competition. Lucario is a Pokemon figure that looks a little like a wolf. The costume looks challenging to make, but the trick to making a great costume with the least effort is to know how to improvise.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • 72 Inches Hard Yet Malleable Wire
  • Red Felt
  • Pictures Of Lucario
  • Sewing Kit
  • 70 To 75 Inches Gray Fleece
  • 2 Hangers
  • 70 To 75 Inches Blue Fleece
  • White Paper
  • Velcro Tape
  • 36 To 40 Inches Yellow Fleece
  • 20 To 25 Inches White Felt
  • ½-Inch Thick Foam, 54 Inches
  • 70 Inches Gray Felt
  • Measuring Tape
  • Tailor’S Chalk
  • Old Shirt
  • Cloth Glue
  • Old Pair Of Jeans
  • Plastic Helmet

Make the flares of the thighs. Measure the size of the thighs and then cut that size of foam. Put the foam on the blue fleece and outline it with the tailor’s chalk. Leave about 4 inches and cut along the outline. Cover foam with the blue fleece and either stitch the thigh flares to the pant or stick it with the help of the glue.

Cut the gray fleece to cover the rest of the pant legs either, by stitching or sticking it to the pant. Draw two semicircles of gray fleece, stitch it to make two semicircles. Insert wire to make it stiff and then stitch it to the thigh flares.

Draw the shape of Lucario's tail on the foam. Cover it with blue fleece and then stitch/stick it to the seat of the pants. Use the wire underneath to give it an angular shape where needed.

Measure the waist, then measure about 4 inches of gray fleece and wrap it over the pant at the waist level. The thighs would be flaring immediately under this belt-like addition.

Draw freehand three-toed paws on the gray fleece, stitch them and then fill it with pillow stuffing to make it look like fully paws. Attach these paws to the pant to make the costume a onesie.

Put the shirt against the yellow felt and cut out enough to cover the body of the shirt. Close the buttons of the shirt before stitching the yellow fleece on it, and have the back cut straight in the middle (vertically). Stitch/stick Velcro tape there so the child can wear the shirt and then close it at the back.

Trace the arms of the shirt on blue fleece and have them covered by stitching/sticking the fleece to it. In the same manner you made the paws, make the hands with gray fleece.

Outline the shadow (the large standing collar-type appendage behind the shoulders) in a large half circle on the gray fleece. Stitch it and make it stiff with the help of the wire and then stitch two large pieces of Velcro to it that attach to the costume at the shoulder level.

Measure the size of the sleeves at the underarm level. Cut out the same size shoulder padding from the foam and cover it in gray fleece. Stitch/stick them to the shoulders as paddings.

Draw 11 feather-like projections and then stitch it on the costume; four each at the level of the shoulder and three where the yellow fleece meets the flared thigh.

Cut one hanger in half and stick it to the helmet to make two long ears of Lucario. If you are using a plastic helmet, you could heat the ends of the hanger and then stick it to the helmet by melting it in. Cover the ears with foam, then cover them with blue fleece. Take the second hanger and cover it with foam and blue fleece again. This will make the nose or snout. Stick the ends of the hanger to the sides of the helmet.

Cover the helmet completely with blue fleece. From where the snout ends, make a straight bib-like appendage that would look like the neck.

Cut out the gray highlights (small arrow-shapes for the ears) and stick them on the ears. Draw the middle gray part of Lucario's head and cut it out from gray fleece; stick it to the head. Draw the white of the eyes, red irises and the black spots. Stick them together and make eyes.

Cut three semicircles of the size of the hands from the paper and white felt. The white felt should be about 1 inch longer. Make cones out of the paper and then cover them with felt. Attach them to the back of the hands and chest as Lucario has.

Wear the helmet and mark where the eyes of the child are. Cut small holes – enough not to spoil the Lucario costume and provide windows of vision to the child.

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