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How to Make a Lot of Money in Stick RPG at Stickpage

Stickpage's "Stick RPG" may have very simple graphics and a more modern setting, but it can be as fun and addictive as any other online RPG. The main objective, as it is with the other online RPGs is to make money. And with a more modern-day setting, there is one way to try and make lots of money--taking the gamble of the stock market.

Build up your intelligence level by having your character study at the University of Stick. At the same time that you're studying, apply for a job at New Lines Incorporated so you can start making money.

Increase your intelligence to twenty and then apply for a promotion at New Lines Incorporated. Once you get promoted to a higher paying job, start saving money to upgrade your character's house while continuing to build your intelligence.

Get the character the second house upgrade once you can afford it. With this upgrade, you can now buy a computer, which will allow you access to the stock market. This is where the real money is made in Stick RPG.

Follow the Stick RPG stock market and look for a stock that drops all the way down to one dollar. Invest all your money in that stock.

Wait and see how high your stock can climb. With luck, your stock can earn your character millions of dollars. It might not, but you're guaranteed to not lose money, since the stock price will never drop below the single dollar rate you paid.


You can slightly speed your beginning steps once you have 10 dollars. Buy a smoke from the convenience store and give it to the light blue guy who's between your house and the bank. He'll give you a skateboard that will let you travel faster.

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