How to Make a Laser Engraver

How to Make a Laser Engraver. A laser engraver is a small, hand-held cutting tool that allows the user to make delicate cuts or engrave with the use of a laser. This laser engraver costs much less than the store-bought lasers but works just as well. Make a laser engraver in a couple of hours. Cut through metal, plastic or wood with this laser engraver.

Insert the diode into the module per the instructions on the module. Different brands of modules are mounted differently. Be sure to read the instructions carefully.

Cut a circular hole in the end of the plastic case large enough for the module to fit in. Cut a hole in the top of the case for the power switch. Make a round opening on the opposite end of the plastic case for the power cord.

Open the case and place the module and power switch into the appropriate holes. Glue the module and the power switch into the case to hold them into place. The module comes with a red wire and a black wire attached. The red wire is positive and the black wire is a ground wire. Attach the wires from the module to the power switch.

Place the voltage restrictor into the box between the hole for the power cord and the on/off switch. Attach the restrictor to the power switch with electrical wire. Attach the module wires to the output section and the restrictor wires to the input section.

Slide the power cord into the appropriate hole. Run electrical wires from the wires of the power cord to the restrictor.

Glue around the power cord to hold it into place. Glue the restrictor into place.

Close the box and seal it with hot glue. This protects the inner workings of the laser.


This is a powerful laser not to be used by children. Wear laser protective goggles while using your laser engraver.

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