How to Make a Knife Out of a Deer Antler

Things You'll Need

  • Antler tine
  • Knife blade
  • Hacksaw
  • Duct tape
  • Steel vice
  • Leather gloves

If you are a deer hunter then you probably have at least a couple of knives that you use for gutting and boning the deer that you shoot. You may also try to use as much of each deer that you shoot so as not to waste any part of the animal, and also so that you have trophies from your hunting adventures. One way to use another part of the deer besides the meat and to have yet another trophy from your hunting adventures is to use the deer antlers to make knives that you can use the next time you go hunting.

Soak the deer antler in a bucket of rain water, making sure that it is completely submerged.

Wait for the core to soften, testing every so often by pressing on the core with your fingernail to see if it is soft enough. It will probably take about a month for the core of the antler to soften enough for you to be able place the knife tang in it. When the core of the antler can be indented with your fingernail it is ready for the knife blade to be mounted in it.

Work in a ventilated area, as the antler will most likely be emitting a very unpleasant odor after soaking for so long because bacteria will have started going to work on the antler by the time it is ready for mounting. When the antler dries back out the smell will go away.

Cut the tang of your knife blade with a hacksaw into a wedge shape and cut down the length so that it will fit in the core of the deer antler.

Wrap the knife blade with duct tape to prevent cutting yourself in the process of mounting the knife blade in the deer antler. Place the blade in a steel vice with the tang of the blade facing up and the clamp coming to right before the tang, to prevent the blade from breaking during the mounting process.

Put on a pair of leather gloves to give you some added protection from getting cut.

Place the deer antler over the top of the blade's tang and use your body weight to push the antler down on the tang. It will take a little time and patience to get the blade completely mounted in the antler, but just keep working on it and you will get it.

Let the deer antler dry out until the odor disappears.


  • It is best to soak the deer antler longer than necessary to make sure that the core of the antler is softened enough all the way through.