How to Make a Flower Press

How to Make a Flower Press. Save money and make your own flower press with simple materials you can find around the house, or at your local craft or hardware store. This allows you to tailor your press to your specific needs.

Cut both pieces of wood to the desired size. Consider the size of plants you want to press in your flower press. 12 by 12 is a manageable size to work with.

Drill four holes in each corner of the wood pieces. Use the same size bit as the screws you intend to use.

Trim the cardboard down to size so that it will fit between the pieces of wood. The corners will need to be trimmed at an angle to make room for the screws to go through the wood pieces only.

Repeat the same trimming process with the blotting paper.

Alternate the layers of cardboard and blotting paper and stack between the wood pieces as follows: cardboard, 2 pieces of blotting paper and cardboard. Continue this pattern for as many layers as you like.

Collect flowers to be pressed and place them between the two pieces of blotting paper and cardboard. Continue layering.

Slide the screw up from the underside of the press and slide the washer and wing nut on the exposed screw. Tighten the wing nut onto the pieces of wood. (This tightening is the process that presses the flowers.)

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