How to Make a Fleece Hat With Ear Flaps

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Things You'll Need

  • 1/2 yard fleece fabric (approximate)
  • Ear-flap hat pattern
  • Ball point straight pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine, with roller-foot and ball point needle

To make a fleece hat with ear flaps at home, begin by selecting fleece fabric and a pattern you like. You can choose from several styles of winter hats to make a fleece hat with ear flaps, so pick a pattern in the style you prefer. Fleece fabric is also available in different thicknesses. A polar fleece hat will provide extra warmth for extreme cold. For milder days, a hat made from light-weight sweatshirt fleece would be more comfortable.

Fold the fleece fabric in half. Pin each pattern piece labeled "Cut 2" to the double-layer fabric. Pin the rest of the pattern pieces to the fabric according to the directions printed on the pattern.

Cut the pieces out using the scissors. Follow the cutting lines printed on the pattern. Remove the ball point pins.

Pin the pieces with the right sides together by placing the ball point pins with the pointed end in, at a 90 degree angle. This will let the sewing machine needle sew over the pins without hitting them.

Lift the roller-foot by raising the presser foot lever. Lower the roller-foot and sew slowly using a straight stitch. Use the scissors to trim off the notches used to line up the seams. The ear flaps will be added to the fleece hat after the cap portion has been completed, unless the pattern directions provide a different sewing order.

Fold the seams to one side and sew over the raw edges using either a zigzag stitch or a blanket stitch. The raw edges will blend in and will be almost completely hidden after the decorative stitching has been added.


  • Do not pull or tug on the fabric when you sew because the hat's seams can turn out misshapen if you do.


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