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How to Make a Fish Tessellation

You can make a tessellation from a cutout image of a fish.
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While many mathematical objects can appear beautiful when presented visually, tessellation is one of the easiest to appreciate. A tessellation is the pattern produced from the repeated arrangements of the same shape over a plane without any gaps. You can easily make a fish tessellation by repeatedly performing the operations of translation, rotation and reflection on a basic fish shape.

Things You'll Need:

  • Fish Image
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Drawing Paper
  • Construction Paper

Draw or use the cutout image of a fish to create a template on a piece of drawing paper. Make sure that the design produces can be interlocked by making the fish template symmetrical along the diagonal axes. Leave some white spaces around the edge of the drawing paper.

Cut out the shape of the fish template. Trace it on a piece of construction paper and cut it out when you have finished.

Trace the cutout fish template on a larger piece of paper. Put the template edge flushed against the edge of the lower paper when tracing.

Slide the template horizontally to the next available empty space but still touching the previous shape. Trace the template again. Repeat this step until you run out of horizontal spaces.

Invert the template vertically. Trace it from the left to the right side of the paper again, positioning it in the gaps between the successive images previously drawn.

Repeat all the tracing steps until the whole paper is used up.


You can color each fish shape in the tessellation differently to produce a more striking visual impact.

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