How to Make a Dome in Minecraft

"Minecraft" is an architectural gaming phenomenon that has become extremely popular. Players can build any structure they want with blocks made of various materials. It is a simple idea that gives players infinite freedom to express their creativity. However, building some of the more difficult structures, such as a dome, might give players a greater challenge.

Things You'll Need

  • Building Materials
  • Graphing Program Or Paper

Building a Dome

Using graph paper or a graphing program, plan the size of your dome. Create a circle and fill in the squares on the graph for the circumference. This will be the base of the dome.

Clear and flatten the land area you will need to build your dome.

Gather the material for your dome. Glass is a popular building material for domes, but you may chose whatever you desire.

Make an outline of your dome in the space you cleared, using the diagram you previously created as the blueprint for the number of blocks you need and where to put them. Each square on the graph is one block in the game. Use a cheaper material, such as dirt, to make the outline. This will save you money if you make a mistake.

Replace the dirt outline with the final material.

Build a vertical support beam in the center of the circle. Build directly up a few spaces and then into the center of the circle one block at a time to create the curvature of the dome. The middle of the beam should be flat so your dome stays a dome and does not turn into a cone. Use dirt as support for the vertical beam.

Begin replicating this vertical beam across the entire perimeter, filling out the dome. Use dirt blocks as support when needed.

Clear all the supporting blocks. Finish laying the blocks for the top of the dome.