How to Make a Dinosaur

By Russel Langley
Tyrannosaurus Rex

Kids love making things, and kids love dinosaurs. There is just something intriguing to them about the monstrous lizards that once roamed the earth. Making crafts is a great way to teach children about many subjects, and making a dinosaur they can decorate and keep is especially rewarding. This is an inexpensive, fun project for children to make.

Making the dinosaur

Step 1: Choose the type of dinosaur to make. A link is provided in the resources section for free, printable dinosaur templates. Ensure that the dinosaur you choose will fit on the paper. If not, you will need to scale the template to size before printing.

Step 2: Cut out the chosen template.

Step 3: Use two sheets of paper and make two identical tracings of the dinosaur.

Step 4: Cut out the tracings and staple them together using one for each side of the dinosaur. Leave a hole at the top large enough to stuff with the newspaper or tissue.

Step 5: Decorate the dinosaur by coloring it, drawing scales, eyes, nostrils and mouth.

Step 6: Carefully stuff the dinosaur with crumbled paper.

Step 7: Staple the remaining hole closed.


Tearing the newspaper or tissue paper into thin strips will make stuffing the dinosaur much easier.


An adult should help small children with all cutting and stapling.

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