How to Make a Cone-Shaped Object

Cones are one of the basic shapes used in model making. The basis of all cones is the circle. A cone is basically a mixture of a circle and a triangle rendered in three dimensions. Cones only take a few minutes to make and can be made in any size. They are easiest to make from paper, though you can use sturdier materials as long as they are flexible enough to be shaped easily by hand.

Things You'll Need

  • Heavy Paper
  • Scissors
  • Guide
  • Pencil
  • Glue

Find a round guide to trace your circle. The size of your circle will be approximately one third larger than the finished cone. Drinking glasses, dinner plates or pizza pans are examples of guides.

Place the guide on top of the heavy paper and trace around it with your pencil. Cut out the circle along the pencil marks.

Find the center of your circle and draw a line from the edge to the center. Draw a second line intersecting it to make a triangle that takes up about one quarter of the circle. Cut out the triangle.

Overlap the two edges that you just cut out to make the cone shape. Glue in place.

Place the flat bottom of the cone onto the heavy paper and trace around it. Cut out this circle and glue it to the bottom of your cone. Allow the glue to dry completely before using the cone.


  • Flexible plastic cutting mats can be easily fashioned into cones.

    Cones can also be used in projects such as making party hats.

    A protractor can be used to make your circle.