How to Make a Cloth Diaper Cover Pattern

Holly White

Things You'll Need

  • Corkboard
  • Pins
  • Disposable diaper
  • Interfacing

A cloth diaper cover creates a waterproof barrier between the prefold cloth diaper and the baby's clothes. Using a cover allows for longer use of cloth diapers and prevents most leakage issues. A cloth diaper cover is the modern equivalent to the plastic pants used in previous decades to waterproof diapers.

Place interfacing onto the corkboard. Pin the top of the disposable diaper onto the interfacing. Begin stretching the diaper and pinning every 1/4 inch as the diaper is stretched downward. Be sure to stretch the diaper evenly on both sides to ensure an even pattern.

Trace the diaper's outline onto the interfacing, making sure to trace the far corners of the disposable diaper. Unpin the diaper and the interfacing.

Note where the disposable diaper has elastic. Place lines on the pattern where the elastic is to be placed.

Place squares and rectangles on the pattern to show where the Velcro or adhesive is to be placed. Specify which side of the Velcro is to be placed in each section. Typically, the loop side is placed on the front and the hook side on the tabs.

Determine whether the tabs are a Velcro extension or whether they are placed under the fabric; adjust the pattern accordingly.

Cut out the pattern. Write the size of the diaper cover on the pattern for future reference.

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