How to Make a Bumper Sticker Machine

You can make your own bumper stickers from home.
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It is not difficult to make your own bumper sticker machine from home with a personal computer if you know what to do and have the right printing paper and software. Whether you want to design a single bumper sticker, or many bumper stickers for a home business, it helps to have some creative abilities and skills. You can also make decals and refrigerator magnets from home. Familiarity with graphics printing software and a printer is helpful, but not required.

Things You'll Need

  • Art Supplies For Drawing And Designing (Optional)
  • Personal Computer
  • Scanner (Optional)
  • Printer
  • Digital Camera (Optional)
  • Bumper Sticker Paper
  • Graphics Printing Software

Machine, Equipment & Software

Locate any graphics programs on your home computer. If it does not have any, purchase special graphics printing software, such as Your Bumper Sticker Maker, or an online bumper sticker printing program you can use from your home computer, such as Zazzle.

Set up the printer with paper going in the proper direction for printing bumper stickers. The proper direction for the paper will vary depending on how your printer feeds paper. Consult your printer's manual. Make sure that the ink in the printer is not dried out.

Set up a scanner or digital camera for images that you choose to photograph and print out on the bumper sticker, or scan in from your own artwork designs.

Draw, design or photograph your own artwork to be made into a bumper sticker. Prepare the image to be scanned into the computer from the scanner.

Search online for free artwork and pictures to use that are not copyrighted materials. You can find copyright-free or royalty-free image sites online, such as Getty Images or Jupiter Images.


Prepare the image and saying that you want to print out on the computer screen. Make it the correct size to fit the bumper sticker paper. Bumper stickers usually measure 3 inches across by 11 inches long. Window decal stickers measure 5-by-5. Crop the image and adjust it by rotating or adding text if you choose to do so before setting the printing levels.

Set the print amount to print a single sticker first. You can reload the bumper sticker paper to print other stickers after you have printed a test sticker first to make sure it turns out correctly.

Click on the "Print" tab on the computer. Because bumper sticker paper tends to cost more than regular computer printing paper, it is important to make sure that the images you are printing are situated in the correct direction and will fit on the sticker.

Trim the bumper printer you just finished printing on your home bumper sticker printing machine if need be. Make any corrections to the artwork or sizing before printing additional bumper stickers with your own bumper sticker machine.


  • Draw your own artwork and purchase specialized magnet sheets online or at a local craft store to make your own refrigerator magnets. Once you draw or write down the images or sayings, they are copyrighted to you. You can add a copyright symbol to your work.

    Try printing vinyl decals, too, which are similar to bumper stickers but printed on clear paper with a peel-away sticky backing for application to car windows and other glass surfaces. Start your own small business by printing multiple copies and sell your own bumper stickers, magnets and vinyl decals online by using your own homemade bumper sticker machine.


  • Make sure that the images and sayings that you use to print out bumper stickers are not copyright protected and are royalty-free images. If you are not certain, find out first so you can avoid plagiarism. Perform an online search for royalty-free images or stock photography images in order to acquire artwork that is free for use and copying.