How to Make a Broken Glass Mosaic Window Frame

Things You'll Need

  • Wood window frame
  • Hammer
  • Power drill with mixing arm attachment
  • Thick rubber gloves
  • Broken glass (stained glass, broken china, broken bottles, etc.)
  • Glue or silicone
  • Tile grout
  • Sealer
  • Towels or rags
  • Grout sealer

A broken glass mosaic is an easy and creative way to add color and personal style to your home. Mosaics are inexpensive, offer a limitless scope for the imagination, are simple to install and can be applied to any number of surfaces. One striking place in your home to incorporate a broken glass mosaic is on a window frame, either interior or exterior. A basic knowledge of the process will enable you to start the project quickly and easily.

Broken Glass Mosaics

Remove the window frame to be decorated first, if possible. It is much easier to install a pattern on a flat surface than on a vertical one, particularly for a beginning mosaic artist. Sand or scrape any flaking paint from the frame and tape off the space you plan to mosaic, allowing space around the edge of your frame for trim or molding when the window is reinstalled.

Break your glass or china by placing it inside a towel and tapping it lightly with a hammer. Breaking glass inside a towel protects the surface upon which you are working and your face and eyes. Check to see if you are satisfied with the variety and breaks, and, if necessary, repeat the process.

Arrange your pattern on the window frame area. You can set out your broken pieces in a completely random order or arrange them specifically by color to create a pattern. Once you are satisfied with your design, glue down the pieces. Glass glue works well, as does clear silicone. Allow your pattern to dry completely for at least 24 hours

Grout your piece. You can choose a premixed, sanded grout or a grout that must be mixed with water. Premixed grouts usually are available in basic colors, while powdered grouts usually are available in dozens of colors. If you choose a powdered grout, mix it using a mixing arm attachment on a power drill. Follow the directions on the back of the bag to ensure the correct consistency.

Wearing gloves, scoop out a small amount of grout and smooth it firmly over your mosaic surface, spreading it evenly in all the cracks. Then, clean off the excess with an old towel and warm water. Allow your project to dry for 48 hours.

Apply several coats of grout sealer. Follow the instructions on the bottle, as each brand can vary slightly. Grout sealer prolongs the life of your grout, allows it to be cleaned and protects it from moisture and cracking.

Reinstall the window and enjoy your new mosaic.


  • A stained glass store is a good option for buying glass of all colors and textures, if you do not already have your own pieces. Thrift stores are good resources for inexpensive glass and china.