How to Make a Border on Paper

Things You'll Need

  • Paper or card stock
  • Paper punch
  • Brass embossing stencil
  • Light source
  • Metal-tipped embossing stylus
  • Stickers
  • Scissors
  • Rubber stamps
  • Ink pads
  • Scrap paper
  • Ruler
  • Metallic leafing pen

Whether you are creating a certificate, greeting card or scrapbook layout, use simple techniques to produce a decorative border on your paper or card stock. Whether you want an elegant, whimsical or shabby-chic look, combine different tools and craft supplies to generate an assortment of colorful or dimensional edges. Borders cannot only coordinate with the project’s color scheme, but also must suit the theme and tone of your paper craft project.

Use a paper punch to create a textured border around the paper. Buy a punch at a scrapbook, craft or rubber stamp store to coordinate with the theme of your project, such as a heart for a Valentine’s Day scrapbook layout. Slip the paper into the slot beneath the punch and push the lever with your thumb or palm to punch out the shape. Continue punching shapes all the way around the paper’s edge.

Add dimension by dry embossing a paper border. Position your card stock face down atop the brass embossing stencil and place the stencil and paper over a light source, such as an electric light box or a sunlit window. Trace the stencil’s design with a metal-tipped embossing stylus to create the raised design. Repeat the process until you’ve embossed a border around the entire page.

Create a quick-and-easy embellished border design with stickers that suit the tone of your paper craft. Choose a straight line border sticker to embellish a party invitation or cake stickers to adorn birthday party place mats, for instance. Use scissors to trim the stickers to fit your project, peel the sticker from the backing and apply it to your paper.

Generate the look of a professionally printed border with rubber stamps and ink. Push the stamp onto the ink pad to coat it, press the stamp onto a piece of scrap paper to remove the excess ink, and then press it onto your paper to create the border. Line the stamp up along a ruler if you need to stamp the same image multiple times to complete the border.

Design a simple and elegant border for certificates or wedding invitations with a metallic leafing pen. Hold a ruler on the paper as a guideline where you want the border to appear. Draw the tip of the leafing pen down the length of the ruler, just as you would with a pencil or regular marker. You can also use leafing pens to create metallic flourishes and text.


  • If you’re having trouble lining up a paper punch to create a border without any uneven gaps between the punched shapes or edges, hold the punch upside down. You’ll be able to use the opening at the bottom of the punch as a “window” to see where the last punched shape appears and align your next punch properly.