How to Make a Boomerang Out of Cardboard

Use a cereal box to build a boomerang.
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Making a boomerang from cardboard is a good craft project to do with your kids. You can make a three-winged boomerang out of a cardboard box that's made from chipboard, such as a cereal box. When you throw this cardboard boomerang up at a 45-degree angle, it will bank in the air and return to you just like a wooden boomerang. You also can decorate the boomerang with materials such as colored markers or pencils.

Draw a three-winged boomerang on a piece of paper to create a template (see Resources). Cut out the boomerang shape.

Open a clean, empty cereal box and cut off one of its largest sides. Lay the cardboard's unfinished side up on a clean work surface.

Set the paper boomerang template on top of the cardboard and hold it in place with one hand. Trace around the boomerang template with a pencil.

Cut out the boomerang shape from the cardboard.

Glue the paper template to the cardboard boomerang.

Grasp one of the blades between your thumb and index finger and use a sidearm motion. Applying more spin to the boomerang will cause it to fly longer and make a more complete arc when it returns.


When decorating your boomerang, use materials that don't add to its weight or change its balance. Throwing a boomerang straight up when the wind is still will cause it to come downward in a spiral.

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