How to Make a Bed Shaped As a Boat

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Looking for the perfect gift for that nautical nut in your family or a child who likes to pretend she's sailing the seven seas? If so, then there is no better way to surprise them with a hand-crafted boat-shaped bed. Not only will you wow them with its cool design, but a boat-shaped bed will be appreciated for all the hard work and thoughtful care that goes into crafting it.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 By 4 Posts, 2 (8 Foot)
  • 1 By 6 Posts, 4 (8 Foot)
  • 6-Inch Bolts W/Washers, 8
  • 2 Metal Hinges
  • 1 By 4 Posts, 4 (8 Foot)
  • 4 Metal Brackets
  • 4 ¼-Inch Screws
  • Your Choice Of Paint/Lacquer
  • 1¼-Inch Screws, 16
  • Your Choice Of Wood
  • 2 By 4, 1 (8 Foot)
  • 8 ½-Inch Screws
  • Power Drill/Screwdriver Power Saw
  • Twin Mattress Size
  • 2 By 6, 1 (8 Foot)

Choose the type of wood you will be using to make the bed frame. Heavier woods will yield a higher quality look and durability (for toddler beds, rubberwood is recommended for its strength and ability to withstand a toddler’s wear and tear).

Also choose the color paint and/or lacquer that will be used for the finish.

Begin by cutting the wood into the dimensions to construct the headboard, footboard, trundle, sides, slats, and stern-shaped storage.

Drill all needed holes used to assemble the cut pieces to create the headboard, footboard, trundle, and stern, respectively. You will need to drill the following: 2 holes into each side of the slats, 4 holes into the headboard, which will attach to the trundle and sides, 4 holes into each side to attach the brackets that will connect them to the trundle, headboard, and footboard, and 4 holes into the footboard and stern.

Attach the metal brackets to each sidepiece using 4 of the ½-inch screws.

Attach the sides to the trundle using the metal brackets and 4 of the ½-inch screws.

Attach the trundle to the base of the headboard and footboard.

Connect the stern-shaped container to the footboard with the bolts that are extended from the trundle, through the footboard. Use the washers to secure the storage container.

Attach the metal hinges to the container’s cover and secure this with the ¼-inch screws.

Place the cover over the stern and secure it using 4 of the 1¼-inch screws. Now, the front half of the stern should open, revealing the storage area.

Apply any coats of paint and/or lacquer to the completed boat bed, and let dry overnight.

Load the twin sized mattress into the trundle, which should fit snugly, but with enough room for bed linens.


  • Always work in a well-ventilated area when working with paints, lacquers, varnishes, etc. to avoid health hazards.


  • Nobody wants to lose a finger. Using power tools or any sharp or dangerous materials should always be used as directed and after taking the proper precautions.