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How to Make a Bear Den for Preschoolers

Bear dens provide safety and shelter.
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One of the best ways to get, and keep, a preschooler’s attention is to make the lesson exciting, interactive and entertaining. If your lesson plan includes a lesson, activity or game about bears, you can add an actual bear cave to the mix to round it out. The kids will enjoy crumpling their paper bags, spreading the glue, decorating the inside and playing with their new classroom bear den. Make several bear dens, if space and time allow.

Things You'll Need:

  • Moss, Pine Needles, Tree Twigs And Rocks
  • Brown Paper Bags (Lunch Or Grocery-Store Size)
  • Paintbrushes
  • White Glue
  • Teddy Bear (Optional)
  • Large Cardboard Box (Such As A Dryer Box)
  • Scissors, If Needed
  • Markers

Place your cardboard box on its side so the opening is on one side. Fold the flaps inside the box or cut them off.

Have each preschooler crumple up a brown paper bag.

Allow the kids to spread glue on the entire outside of the box, except the bottom section. They can use a paintbrush or their hands to accomplish this.

Press the crumpled bags into the glued areas. If there aren't enough bags to cover the box, crumple some more up until the entire outer surface is covered.

Collect some moss, pine needles, tree twigs and/or small rocks to put on the inside bottom of the cave. You also can affix some with the glue on the outside of your box, if desired.

Allow the kids to decorate the inside walls of the box/bear den with markers.

Place a teddy bear inside the cave or allow the kids to carefully play in the box.

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