How to Make a Baby Romper

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Things You'll Need

  • 1 1/2-yard cotton or cotton blend fabric
  • Fabric scissors
  • Sewing pins
  • Sewing machine
  • 2 yards, 1/2-inch wide bias tape

Baby rompers are versatile, comfortable outfits perfect for babies learning how to walk and crawl. Rompers allow babies to move around freely and yet still provide a cute, one-piece covering for diapers. While rompers are available at a variety of baby clothing stores, you can save some money and make a romper out of material that you especially enjoy or think your child looks good in. Once you master the technique, you can pick out fabric and make rompers for friends and family members.

Purchase or use a free romper pattern to make a romper for your 6-month-old to 3-year-old child. Use half-yard fabric for a child ages 6 to 12 months or up to 1 1/2-yards fabric for a child ages 1 to 3 years.

Cut out your pattern. Lay the pattern on top of a lightweight cotton fabric in a pattern that’s appropriate for your child. Cut the pattern out of the fabric with a pair of fabric scissors.

Lay the cutout fabric pieces on a table so that the right sides (patterned sides) face each other. Pin the fabric together with sewing pins.

Measure a half-inch in from the edge of the fabric and sew a zigzag stitch down the edges of the fabric except for the neck. Trim the excess fabric up to the sewing stitch with fabric scissors.

Turn the romper right-side out. Pin half-inch-thick bias tape along the neckline and arms of the romper so that the longer edge of the tape is on the inside of the romper and the shorter edge is on the outside. Pin bias tape to the shoulder straps on your pattern.

Start sewing the bias tape to the romper with a straight stitch on your sewing machine on the outside of the fabric first. Remove pins as you sew. Sew the length of the tape, and then come back around to finish sewing the inside edge of the tape to the fabric.

If desired, add extras like ruffles of fabric in a contrasting color to the bottom of the legs for a baby girl’s romper.