How to Learn to Play the Piano for Free

Learning to play the piano for free can be relatively easy when you use a keyboard or piano and a computer. As long as the keyboard, also called a synthesizer, has the same or nearly the same number of octaves as a real piano, then your learning should not be hindered much by using one. By utilizing a computer you can view free online videos that specifically are created for teaching others how to play the piano.

Navigate to a piano tutorial on YouTube. Start by learning the names of the notes on the piano, semi-tones and whole tones. After learning the location of the tones and semi-tones on the piano, you learn how to play a musical scale by remembering the tone and semi-tone pattern that each scale follows.

Use a website to learn to play the piano. Most online tutorial websites start by teaching the names of the notes on the keyboard and where they are located. The tutorials then progress to you playing your first chords. There are easy-to-see diagrams of a piano keyboard with dots that denote where to place your fingers to help you learn how to play.

Navigate to website that utilize audio lessons, such as These websites sometimes seem like you have your own personal piano teacher on call. You learn the notes and their locations on the keyboard, like at other sites, but you also learn how to read a key and time signature and how to keep time.

Navigate to websites that offer email lessons, such as Unlike the other websites, you learn how to play piano by signing up to take the lessons. By inputting your email address, you get the piano tutorials via e-mail. The emails contain links for the print and online video versions of the lesson.