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How to Learn the Grind Dance Move

Grinding is considered a more intimate form of dancing.
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Grinding, also known as freaking, is an intimate night club dance typically done by two people, usually to hip-hop music. The dance partners rub their bodies against each other to the rhythm of the music. Grind intensity ranges from light touching and movement to intimate, sexually suggestive touching.

Select a partner who is comfortable dancing intimately with you and whom you are comfortable dancing with.

Position yourself. Grinding is most often done face to face or back to face (both partners facing the same direction). When done back to face, the man is generally behind the woman. When done face to face, the legs of the partners are often staggered or in between each other's. This helps the woman position herself to grind on top of the male's thigh. However, the woman may choose to wrap her legs around the man, and leg positions tend to change as the dance progresses.

Hold your partner. Men will generally hold the woman by the hips when back-to-face grinding. When face-to-face grinding, the man can still hold the woman by the hips, but sometimes the hands of the male will support the woman by gripping her buttocks. The woman's hands will usually move to the music or along her or the male's body. Sometimes the woman will grip the man's shoulders or neck for support.

Move with the beat. Grinding is less about the movement of the feet and more about the movement of the hips. Partners will grind their hips against each other and both partners will push their hips toward the other. In back-to-face grinding, the woman will push back against the man and the man will push up against the woman. The movement of the hips is generally dictated by the baseline of the music. Partners can move in unison, up and down or in a circular motion. One partner may remain still while the other grinds. In this situation, most often the man will remain still.

Get low. A part of the grind dance is getting low -- moving your body toward the floor. Getting low occurs when both partners bend their knees and gradually move closer to the ground while still grinding. Both partners need to have good footing before attempting this move, as it can be easy to lose one's balance. The woman may look to the man for support, thus making the man's even footing all the more crucial.

Get freaky. Part of the more explicit grind dance involves getting freaky -- when the grind consists of sexually suggestive movements. The movements are energetic and wild. Men should take their cue from the woman and not initiate this move as to determine the woman's comfort level.

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