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How to Knit a Scarf With Boucle Yarn

Boucle yarn is a very delicate type of yarn that takes skill to knit with. However, if you learn how to knit with it, you can create very attractive scarves. You must be careful to approach boucle differently than you would other types of yarn, because it is bound to snag on your wood or bamboo knitting needles. For best results, you should use a smooth metal knitting needle. Just a little patience can take you far with boucle yarn.

Things You'll Need:

  • Patience
  • Large Crochet Hooks
  • A Smooth Metal Knitting Needle
  • Boucle Yarn

Buy More Boucle Yarn Than You Would Expect to Need. If you buy a small skein of boucle yarn, it will not last long since it tends to bunch up with you are knitting with it. You will quickly realize that instead of being able to make a scarf, you will only have enough yarn to make a pair of baby boots. Furthermore, since it is a novelty yarn, boucle is not an easy yarn to get ahold of in large skeins. As long as you are ready for the challenge of boucle yarn, make sure to buy enough of it rather than having to mix and match later.

Use Large Crochet Hooks. When kitting with boucle yarn, stiches are easy to loose track of. It is so thin and soft that it feels like its ready to disintegrate, and sincle it is fluffy, it may be difficult to handle with your knitting needle. Use larger crochet hooks instead, or use smooth metal needles that it won't be getting repeatedly snagged on. Perfectionists will not know how to knit with this yarn right off the bat, but knitters with more relaxed personalities will probably find its fluffy texture an asset because if mistakes are made when knitting with it they will not be as apparent as they would be if another sort of yarn was being used.

Use Simple Patterns. Knitting with boucle yarn can easily become confusing. Rather than get overwhelmed with it, stick to simple stiches. Before you knit a prizewinning quilt with it, simply get a feel for how to knit with it. Go slow, and your patience will be rewarded.

Search and Find Free Knitting Patterns Online. Plenty of businesses provide free knitting patterns to lure consumers to their products. Take advantage of what you can find with an internet search for boucle yarn patterns. These patterns vary in their degree of difficulty. (Once again, it is recommended that you start of with simple rather than complex patterns.) Additionally, plenty of other knitting aficianados are ready to share their experience with this unique yarn at such sites as knittersreview.com or crochetville.org. Check out the advice they can provide, and don't give up with your project. The results you will end up with if you persevere are bound to be well worth the trouble.


Understand what the result of your knitting should look like before you make use of boucle yarn. Most people who find boucle yarn frustrating to work with are trying to produce a result that is simply not possible with boucle. This yarn is unique in its texture and appearance, and can create beautiful items if it is handled carefully.


  • Do not wash boucle yarn in a machine. It must be washed by hand.
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