How to Inexpensively Make a Bedspread

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Things You'll Need

  • King size flat sheet
  • Fabric pencil
  • Ruler
  • Ric rac or fancy lace trim
  • Fabric glue
  • Iron
  • Ironing board

Bedspreads make a bedroom look neat and well decorated, but some bedspreads are expensive. Making a homemade bedspread is simple, fast and requires no cutting or sewing. If a person is really strapped for cash, recycle old sheets or purchase sheets from a local thrift store. Have the children pick out ric rac or trim, and create bedspreads for fun. The finished bedspread fits a queen size bed. This project requires no special skills, and anyone is capable of making this project.

Iron the wrinkles out of the sheet. Lay the sheet flat on the floor with the finished side facing up and the top of the sheet facing away from you.

Measure 4 inches in towards the center of the sheet from the left edge. Place a mark on the sheet with a pencil. Measure and mark the bottom left side of the sheet the same way. Draw a line from the top line to the bottom line with the pencil. Repeat the procedure on the right side of the sheet, and across the bottom of the sheet.

Open the ric rac or lace trim, and set it beside the sheet. Draw a line of glue along the pencil line on the bottom of the sheet. Glue the ric rac or lace trim all the way across the line, and press down on the trim. Repeat the procedure on the left and right sides of the sheet.

Let the glue dry overnight before using the bedspread. The fabric glue is flexible when dry, so it works well with items like bedspreads.


  • Use a sheet a size larger than the bed when making a bedspread, so it hangs over the edges correctly.

    If you want matching curtains, buy extra sheets, and thread the curtain rod through the folded edge at the top of the sheets. Hang the curtains like regular curtains.

    Make the decorations on the bedspread more permanent by sewing down the ric rac or decorative lace edging with the sewing machine or by hand. The glue holds the ric rac in place, but it is stronger when you sew it on.

    Sew on little silk roses or other items in the corners when you finish for a delicate looking spread for your bedroom.


  • Wash bedspreads with glued decorative elements in the delicate cycle in the washing machine. Dry on a clothesline or in the dryer on the delicate cycle. This makes the decorative elements last longer.


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