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How to Hook Up Playstation 2 to a Direct TV Receiver

Hook Up Playstation 2 to a Direct TV Receiver
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As home theater set-ups get more and more complicated, it can be difficult to add new devices. Plugging something into a television is simple, but if you have a cable or Direct TV box, it can become confusing. The process, however, is fairly simple.

Securely plug the AV cords that come packed with the PlayStation 2 game console into the back of the system. These are standard coaxial cords, with one end being a plug that goes into a specially designed hole on the system's rear, and the other being three cables--one red, one white, and one yellow.

Locate the input on the back of your Direct TV receiver labeled either "Antenna" or "Cable In." The label will change depending on the model, but the function is the same. You should see holes where the red, white, and yellow cables from the PS2 will plug in.

Plug the coaxial cords into the Direct TV receiver. This will allow the PlayStation 2 to send the necessary signals to the Direct TV receiver, which are in turn sent along to your television, which allows you to play video games. Once the system is on, you will need to switch the input on the Direct TV to recognize the plugs in the back in order to actually play your system, which can be done by pressing the "Input" button on the Direct TV remote control to select "AV2."


If you already have a device hooked up to the input on the back of the Direct TV receiver, buy an RF modulator. It is a box that you will hook up to the receiver in the same way you did the PlayStation 2 that will add more coaxial inputs, which will allow you to add more devices to your set-up.

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