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How to Get Rid of Trampoline Noise

Lindsey Shults/Demand Media

Bouncing on a trampoline for fitness or fun can liberate your spirit. The last thing you want intruding on your consciousness are annoying squeaks and creaks. If a trampoline is stored in a garage and not used for long periods of time, rust may develop on the springs and hinges. This causes trampoline parts to squeak loudly when you use it. A quick trip to your local home improvement store to pick up a few items to eliminate the noise will have you jumping for joy.

Things You'll Need:

  • Brush
  • Rust Remover Spray
  • Wd40
Lindsey Shults/Demand Media

Look for any rusty springs and hinges in your trampoline. Spray a generous amount of rust remover on the rusty springs and hinges and let it sit for a few hours or according to the directions in the package.

Lindsey Shults/Demand Media

Scrub the rust away using a clean, dry brush. Use a garden hose to rinse away any rust remnants with water, then let the springs air-dry for a few hours.

Lindsey Shults/Demand Media

Ask an assistant to stand or sit on the trampoline. This will expand the spring coils so you can get the lubricant in between the coils.

Lindsey Shults/Demand Media

Apply WD40 to all the springs and hinges in your trampoline while your assistant is still on the trampoline. Ask your friend to jump up and down a few times after applying the WD40. Repeat until the noise has been eliminated.


  • Avoid using the trampoline if you discover cracks in the springs to avoid accidents. Consult the manufacturer of the trampoline and ask where you can buy replacement springs. Lubricate the trampoline springs twice a month.
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