How to Get Paint Off a Car Window

Learn how to remove paint from a car window even if it's poured on heavily. Two techniques can keep the car windows clean from paint forever.

Things You'll Need

  • Paint Razor
  • Rags
  • Acetone

Gather the acetone and rags and move the car into a well-ventilated area, such as the driveway. Apply the acetone to the rag and wet thoroughly. Do not breathe the acetone. Apply the saturated rag to the window and begin wiping the acetone over the entire window; the paint will come off. Use this technique if the paint is an overspray and not totally covering the window. If the paint is heavy on the window, refer to Step 2.

Paint Razor

Use a paint remover razor if the paint is thick on the car window. Begin scraping the paint off the car window, being careful not to allow the droppings to fall into the car vents. Sweep the scrapings off the car with a rag, or vacuum them away.

After the entire window has been scraped with the razor, if there is any paint left use acetone on a rag to completely remove the traces. Follow the procedure in Step 1 and the windows will be free from paint. Wash the car with soap and water.


  • Do not let the acetone drip out of the rag onto the body of the car. Acetone can remove the paint from the car body.