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How to Get Dents Out of Silver

Small dents can be fixed at home.
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Things You'll Need:

  • Dapping block
  • Water
  • Tape

Silver can last for a long time if it is taken care of correctly. However, at some point, silver may become dented as a result of regular use. There are a wide variety of things that silver is used to make, such as jewelry, candlesticks and flatware. When minor dents occur, it is best to fix them before they become worse. Instead of paying to remove dents from your silver, you can use some basic techniques to do it yourself.

Take a tool such as a wooden dapping block (a small tool that is used for shaping and removing dents) and place it on the dented area.

Push the dapping block gently into the space where the dent is. Slowly push outwards to smooth out the dent. Repeat the process until you see results.

Remove dents from hollow silver items such as candlesticks by pouring water inside the hollow space. Put a piece of tape over the opening and put the silver item in the freezer. When the water becomes frozen it expands, which smooths out dents.

Remove the silver item from the freezer after it is frozen. Let it defrost, then pour out the water. Repeat this as often as needed to get dents out of your silver.

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