How to Get Crunk

Things You'll Need

  • Energy
  • A Daring Personality
  • Crunk Juice
  • Liquor

There are many different ways to get CRUNK! The following article gives you a few examples and ways to get crrunk in your own way...

How to get CRUNK! Some common uses:

To get Crunk is To have a good time.-Determine an Activity that you would like to do that would allow you to completey let go and be yourself

Crunk is also thought to be derived from a combination or a portmanteau of the words "crazy" and "drunk", or a combination of "chronic" and "drunk", referring to the state of being both drunk from alcohol and high on marijuana, at the same time.....That is not necessarily the truth. - WHATEVER gets you energy up, be it a cocktail or just your own natural state of mind feel the energy, enjoy the feeling...get EXCITED....ACT WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A style of music most commonly made by rap artists from the southern states, aka the Dirty South. Some crunk artists (or groups) are Lil' Jon, Pitbull, Lil' Scrappy, Trillville, and David Banner.

Crunk Music is very LOUD and REPETITIVE...its soemthing that has a very STRONG BEAT and causes the lister to want to DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!

Something at a high level, as in turn it UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!