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How to Get a Bigger Backpack in "RuneScape"

There are some skills in “RuneScape” that make players wish they had a bigger backpack). Your backpack is the term used for your standard inventory space. When fighting bosses or crafting runes, the more space you have for storage, the better. While your base inventory always has 28 spots, there are methods to expand your storage space. For example, you can use pouches for runecrafting and bring along beasts of burden for fighting bosses.

Summon a beast of burden if you need to bring more supplies with you to fight monsters. These include thorny snail, spirit kalphite, bull ant, spirit terrorbird, war tortoise and pak yak. Each of these have summoning level requirements and progressively carry more items for you.

Fill up pouches with rune essence if you are runecrafting. You can carry up to 30 rune essence if you use all four types of pouches. They can be purchased at the runecrafting guild.

Bring along a basket or sack when you are training farming. You can fill a basket with up to five tomatoes or fruits. Sacks hold 10 potatoes, cabbages or onions. This will prevent you from filling up your inventory too quickly when you harvest your crops.

Use a quick banking feature to remove items from your backpack and transfer them to your bank remotely. An imp-in-a-box allows you to select two items to bank before being used up. The winter storage scroll allows you to instantly bank any item using your pak yak’s special ability. These come in very handy if you want to gather more items and are not near a bank.

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