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How to Fix My PS3 That Got Wet

Keep your PS3 away from liquid.
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Water can short out some of your PS3's internal components and cause corrosion, resulting in reduced or ruined functionality. If you know that your PS3 got wet, act quickly to dry it out so there's less of a chance that the moisture will damage your console. Since the Sony PS3 warranty doesn't cover malfunction due to negligence or accidents, you'll be responsible for paying for any necessary repairs.

Things You'll Need:

  • Bucket
  • Rice
  • Paper Towels
  • Tape
  • Towel

Power down your PS3 using the "off" switch. Remove all inputs, including the power supply and attached USB cords.

Towel off your wet PS3 as soon as possible. The longer the console remains wet, the more potential damage you'll face.

Fill a tub or bucket with plain white rice. Rice is highly absorbent and can draw water out of electronic devices. If rice isn't available, kitty litter has the same effect.

Cut a rectangular piece of paper towel to cover the vents on the side of your PS3. This will prevent rice from getting into the console while still allowing your PS3 to dry out properly. Place your PS3 in the tub filled with rice, ensuring that it is submerged. Cover the tub with a lid.

Move your console to a warm, dry area for at least three to five days. Give ample time for the water to be drawn out and absorbed by the rice. Turning your PS3 on before it's completely dry could result in malfunction.

Attempt to power up your PS3 after several days. The rice may have restored some functionality, but not all. Interact with your console to see which functions work and which do not. In some cases, your PS3 will have enough functionality restored to be playable, while in others the damage will be beyond repair, depending on the length of time the console remained wet.


Contact Sony if your PS3 is no longer playable. While water damaged is not covered by warranty, you may receive discounted service or a refurbished model as a replacement, depending on the situation.

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