How to Finish a Crochet Project

Things You'll Need

  • Crochet hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors

Proper finishing techniques make the difference between a mediocre finished piece and one that really pops. The goal is to produce a neat, clean and professional finish.

You need the crochet work as well as the crochet hook that you’ve been working with as specified by the pattern. Additionally, you need a yarn needle and a pair of scissors.

Complete your project as per the instructions in the pattern that you are using. Measure approximately 4 inches of yarn and cut, leaving a "tail."

Yarn the tail over the hook and pull through to create a secure knot. This prevents your crochet work from unraveling.

Thread the yarn tail through a yarn needle. Weave the needle backward in and out through the loops in your last row of stitches. This further secures the yarn and prevents the crochet work from unraveling. It also hides the tail so that you do not see it in your work.

Remove the needle from the yarn. The yarn tail should be completely hidden in the work. If any remains then you can cut off the visible part of the tail.


  • Use a short yarn needle for best results. If you don't have a yarn needle, use a crochet hook to weave in your tail end. Simply insert the crochet hook through each stitch in the row and pull the yarn all the way through each loop to weave the tail into the row.

    After weaving in your ends your project is considered complete. However, some projects look best if you block to the finished piece to help set its final shape.