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How to Find the Model of a Hohner Accordion

accordion music image by Alexander Ivanov from Fotolia.com

Hohner has been manufacturing accordions for over 100 years. The accordion, which became a popular instrument in the 1930s, is used in traditional music of New Orleans and Europe. To find a specific model of a Hohner accordion, online resources can be used to compare instruments or an appraisal can be purchased for a fee.

Use an online resource with instrument listings such as The Find to search through photographs of Hohner accordions. Click on the model name of an accordion to view details about each instrument. Click on each thumbnail image to view the link with a larger image. Compare the features of your accordion to those listed to find the model name.

Contact a Hohner representative to find the model name of your accordion. Use the Hohner European website at hohner.eu. Click on the Service link located on the top left of the home page. Make a note of the contact e-mail address or phone number for a Hohner technician.

Write down the serial number of your accordion, located on the back of the instrument. Take two clear photographs of the front and back of your accordion. Attach the JPEG images of the accordion to your e-mail with a description of the instrument and serial number. A Hohner representative will respond with the model number. A fee of five euros is required for this service.

Use an online resource such as the "Accordion to Andy" section of the PBase website. Scroll down and examine the photographs of Hohner accordions that are listed, such as the Hohner Verdi III N 2. Click on the thumbnail images to enlarge and compare your accordion with those listed to find the model name.

Contact a local music retail store and ask about appraisals for instruments such as accordions. By getting an appraisal on your Hohner accordion, the model name, age and value can be determined. Bring your accordion to a store and ask a representative if they can recommend an expert to examine the Hohner accordion.


  • Companies and appraisers require a fee to determine the age, model number and value of an instrument.
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