How to Etch a Glass Window

Many people today are looking for ways to enhance the beauty of their homes. One way is to take an ordinary glass window pane from your front door and turn it into a work of art. It takes some patience, but the end product will be well worth your time and effort. Here is how you can etch a glass window

Remove the window pane from the door and place it on a table. Assemble your tracing paper, transfer paper, pre cut stencil or one of your own designs.

Take the window cleaner and clean the window pane of all dirt, dust or smudges that may be on the window.

Place the transfer paper face down over the paper backing of the adhesive shelving. Tape the pattern on top and trace the shaded areas into the backing. Cut the stencil through all the layers of the adhesive with the craft knife.

Tape the pattern onto the window pane, leave a border of the vinyl around the outer edges. Peel off the paper backing of the cut stencil and smooth the stencil onto the window pane.

Assure that you have put on your long sleeved shirt, gloves and protective goggles before you apply the Armour Etch Glass Etching Cream. Follow the manufacturer's directions. Allow the cream to dry for at least five to ten minutes. After the cream has dried completely wash off all traces of the cream with water and remove the stencil.

Allow the pane to dry before replacing it in the door.


  • You have now created your own work of art and made your front door look beautiful. And remember that you did this all by yourself for under twenty dollars


  • Assure that you are wearing protective clothing while working with the Etch cream. Better safe than sorry.

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