How to Emboss Paper

Embossed paper makes a great arts and crafts project for kids or even adults. Once the paper has been embossed you can use it as stationary, to make gift cards, invitations or just use it as a nice alternative to sketch paper. The process of creating embossed paper is so easy that you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before. All you need is some paper, an embossing tool and a stencil.

Lay your stencil down on a flat surface where you get some light. You may find it easy to use a window, while other people may prefer to use a light box.

Place your paper on top of the stencil so that the paper covers the stencil completely. With the light coming through underneath you should be able to see all of the stencil under the paper.

Rub the embossing tool over the top of the paper, pressing it firmly down on the areas where the stencil sits. Remove the tool and check to see how in depth the embossing is; if you want it to look a little deeper, rub the tool over it again.

Remove your paper and take a look at the embossing. The embossing will be on the surface of the paper and it will last for years to come.


  • If you want to skip the embossing tool or if you don’t have access to one, you can do this same thing with a book or other heavy object. Simply rub the object over the piece of paper with the stencil underneath and repeat several times to emboss the paper.\n\nChange things up by using colored paper or card stock. The effect will be the same, but you’ll have a different style of paper to use in your craft projects.