How to Draw the Planet Pluto

Digital Vision./Digital Vision/Getty Images

Things You'll Need

  • Brown color pencil
  • Gray color pencil
  • Tan color pencil
  • Compass

In 2006, scientists determined that Pluto should no longer hold the status of planet. Downgraded to a dwarf planet, this celestial body remains an important part of our vision of the solar system. Pluto is the small guy on the block compared to the planets of our solar system. This dwarf planet is comprised of a rock and ice mixture that gives it a unique coloration. Drawings of Pluto display brown, gray and tan regions of color.

Use your compass to draw a large circle.

Color light gray around the entire perimeter of the circle. This light color will suggest the presence of the sun's rays.


Color the top right portion of the circle brown.

Color the entire center region of the circle in tan. Use swirling motions with your pencil to capture Pluto's texture.


Color the remainder of the circle in gray.

Using your brown pencil, add light swirls of color throughout the circle.


Draw small circles across the surface of the planet in brown to represent craters.



  • Look at an image of Pluto while you draw.